How much did so-called white guilt play in the election of Barack Obama? Most whites, especially the young, are not racists, and in fact questions of race rarely enter their minds. They certainly never practice racism in their daily lives.

Many whites, especially those who considered themselves enlightened beings, felt some sort of guilt about slavery and racism that they never practiced. They were only too anxious to absolve themselves of the sin of racism, even though
they never committed that sin. Obama was not threatening and offered an easy way for white voters to absolve themselves of the sins of the past by voting for him.

By not focusing on black issues such as poverty, crime, and other inner city problems Obama was able to lull the electorate into a comfortable stupor. The largely liberal white media was only too anxious to crawl into the tank for
Obama. Their usual liberal bias turned into an embarrassing display of hero worship. His positions were never questioned and his past was never examined.

He seems to have floated through life on a cushion of affirmative action and low expectations. Somewhere, probably from his white mother, he learned to speak proper English, unlike Jackson and Sharpton who mispronounce every other word. Affirmative action accounts for his nomination for president over other candidates with far more experience and accomplishments.

What has changed over the past three years? Have racial tensions decreased? No. In fact racial tensions have increased as organizations such as NAACP have moved sharply to the left increasing their demands on society while offering
nothing in return. Black flash are running amok in our inner cities. Schools are as dismal as ever. Few considered that voting for a black person to assuage one’s racial guilt is racism just as surely as not voting for a person because he is black is racism.

Let’s be honest, most Americans are at best only slightly engaged in politics. Hearing a clever slogan like “Hope and Change” sounds good. Most people didn’t stop to think exactly what it means. Still fewer yet listened to Obama’s campaign speeches where he honestly laid out his Marxist agenda. In 2009 it felt good to be a white person voting for a black man. But since taking office Obama has pushed unpopular legislation on the country like health care and amnesty for illegal aliens. He blames all of the country’s troubles on other persons or on things beyond his control instead of assuming responsibility like a man. He has humiliated the country by withdrawing the us from the space
race. He hired and has continued to back a racist Attorney General. His supporters accuse those who oppose his policies of racism to stifle legitimate discussion.

He lost our top credit rating. He has failed to address to the recession and unemployment. He took the side of a cantankerous black man over the word of a hard working policeman without knowing the facts of the case. And he has thumbed his nose at the entire country by taking vacation after vacation to locations most Americans could not even dream of affording. His constant show of weakness and indecision in military and foreign policy does not show a scintilla of leadership.

In short, the Obama presidency has been an almost complete failure on every level. Polls show his popularity is low and is headed lower.

So how many white guilt voters can Obama count on in 2012? Surely the number will be much diminished from 2008, but by how much? The white guilt voters who saw an Obama presidency as a transcending moment have been greatly disappointed.

There are also rumblings of dissatisfaction from the far left and among certain black quarters.  Will these people sit out the 2012 election, or will the come running home? From the present until 2012 is a century in political years. Much can happen. It is too early to make predictions, but unless some major event alters the political landscape, Obama will lose the white guilt vote and be a failed, one term president.