I was lying on my bed between stretching exercises when the bed and the room begin to move. It didn’t move a lot. The closest thing to it I have experienced was Magic Fingers in a cheap motel. And while I have never felt a tremor before, I knew immediately it was an earthquake.

I have been in areas where a tremor or two was by friends or others around me, but I have never felt the slightest jolt. Perhaps because I was always doing something, even if it was just walking. Today I was lying motionless in bed.

My previous earthquake experience has been quite limited. I have never been in an epicenter, only on the far fringes. I was on the fringe today, about 125 miles from the epicenter.

It was amazing how quickly the quake was reported on the news. I had barely gotten off the bed when there was an announcement on TV. At first the reports were sketchy, but they quickly filled in the gaps and unanswered questions about the strength, damage reports, reactions, and location of the epicenter.

The news said the quake lasted about five seconds. Even though I was not the least bit scared, it seemed to go on much longer than that. I considered running to the closest door sill, but before I could make up my mind the trembling stopped.

The earthquake was the number one topic of conversation this afternoon. Everyone remembered exactly what they were doing when it hit.

So this afternoon I experienced my first earthquake. Another experience off my bucket list.