The TV news was all about the hurricane this morning. There were reports from  South Carolina to New Jersey. All the reporters were babbling on about storm surges, potential damage, soaked ground, a foot or more of rain, etc. The news people were always outside on a beach somewhere. Occasionally there might be some rain, sometimes a little wind, the surf was up a bit, but nothing could be conmsidered worrisome.

My son works for an Asheville TV station. He and the crew were sent to the outer banks to cover the hurricane on Wednesday. The hurricane was still in the Carribbean then. They began broadcasting Wednesday night from a growth of sea oats with a sunny sky.  Their the reports have consisted of the news broadcaster talking about what might happen under a worst case senarion.

Unfortunately I  missed their morning report today, but I saw another special report from the outer banks. There a news man walked to the top of a sand due to  demonstrate how much stronger the wind was compared to the bottom of the dune. It was impossible for me to tell a difference. Then he yammered on about the waves and the storm surge, and then he was gone.

Earlier I watched a news man standing on a fairly calm ocean front as he warned about the storm surge that was doubtless happening in the unseen back wash behind him. I believe he was in Wilmington, NC.

Other stories have dealt with the traffic jams and other difficulties they encountered in evacuations. The evacuees have encountered slow moving traffic, gas stations out of gas and ATMs out of money. They also talked about the difficulties people were having in finding rooms in  motels. I just saw a psychiatrist explaining why people did not evacuate.

It is now 09:00 and the hurricane just made land. I just heard a report of some city getting body bags together. It will be interesting to compare the actual results to what happens. Now I must evacuate. Wish me luck.