What if brown recluse spiders suddenly disappeared from the face of the earth except for a small spot in the Connecticut woods? Or how about rattle snakes? What if all the great white sharks disappeared except for a few dozen off the coast of Massachusetts? Would the beaches be shut down each summer so the sharks could be left alone to multiply?

Would it be OK for killer bees to go extinct? After all they are an artificially created breed. And isn’t a honey bee just as good for most things without the fierce attacks. How about tape worms. Who would volunteer to be the person keeping the species alive by letting them live in his body. Would this person be considered a hero to mankind, or a blithering idiot?

Surely a polio virus has no use and should be killed, shouldn’t it? Maybe not. I read recently that the smallpox virus is alive and well in the careful hands of several world governments.

The more I think about things, the more I realize we will never purposely allow anything to become extinct. Someone will always be able to think of a way everything might be useful. Usually as a cure for cancer.