After spending nearly six months in hospitals in China and the U.S., I am getting out tomorrow. I had arsenic poisoning and lost the use of my legs as a result. The poisoning was never diagnosed in China. It was discovered when I arrived in the U.S. and was found  in my urine.

By then my legs were dead. I couldn’t move them an inch. When the neurologist hooked them up to electricity, there was absolutely no response. The only thing my legs were good for was transmitting neuropathic pain to my brain. They were quite efficient at that.

When I arrived in the U.S. the damage from the arsenic was spreading upward from my legs and into my body. My lungs and the areas around my heart were filling up with fluid. It was difficult to breathe. As soon as I arrived in the U.S. the fluid problem was addressed. And I was given certain drugs combined with 8-10 cups of water daily that was supposed to help flush out the arsenic.

As I understand it, arsenic likes to hide in fatty tissue, and the brain is composed of something similar to fat. Naturally, I ended up with mild brain damage too.

After a couple of weeks things were stabilized, and I began physical therapy. At first I couldn’t move my legs at all, then gradually feeling and the muscles began to return and the electric shock pain began to subside. My regimen included nearly three hours of exercise daily.

Well, everything worked. Now I can use my legs to actually walk a few steps unaided by a cane or a walker. The hospital administrators decided I was capable of living alone, and while I still can’t drive, I agree with them. Tomorrow I will be released.