I just saw an interview with Victoria Ruvolo on TV. She was flogging her new book that is based on her life experiences.

Who is Victoria Ruvolo, you might ask? She was a woman who was badly injured in her car by a frozen turkey thrown from a bridge by a car full of hoodlums. The turkey crashed through her car window, hitting her in the face and head, and causing her to wreck her car.

She nearly died and spent months in the hospital and rehab. Then, instead of doing everything in her power to make sure the thugs who threw the turkey spent the rest of their lives in jail, she officially forgave them. This magnanimous act of kindness caused every liberal weenie in the media to become absolutely damp.

She got a ghost writer, produced her book, and is making the rounds of talk shows.

Andy Warhol was right when he said  someday everyone will be famous for 15 minutes. Ruvolo was hit in the face by a frozen turkey. Now she’s gotten her 15 minutes of fame.