I am thinking of Saddam Hussein and Momar Gadhafi. These guys had everything, lost it, and are now dead.

Saddam and his sons owned Iraq. The could steal, rape and pillage the country at will. They amassed billions in stolen loot. For some reason they wouldn’t allow the U.N. inspectors to look for weapons of mass destruction. Some say they actually didn’t know if the WMDs existed, but no matter. The inspectors would have ordered the weapons destroyed and Saddam could have gone back to watching his loyal followers run swords through themselves to show their allegiance. His sons could have continued racing the best cars through the streets of Baghdad between rapes. Instead they are all dead.

Gadhafi is a similar moron. I have seen estimates of his personal wealth between 74 and 200 billion dollars. He had ample opportunity to leave the country as the rebels began to advance. Instead he retreated from shithole city to shithole city until he was captured and killed. If Gadhafi had an I.Q. higher than that of a camel he could be living the good life in Paris. Or he could have purchased a few thousand acres of desert in Yemen, built a fabulous tent palace, moved in his harem of goats, and declared himself king. Instead he’s dead.

What were these guys thinking?