As I was flipping through the channels I came upon a discussion of the new Casey Anthony video clip that’s on YouTube on the Headline News channel. Since I didn’t see the beginning of the piece I’m not sure how low they spent on the subject, but it was at least 30 minutes.

During the part I watched there were six experts, all more or less condemning Anthony and speculating how she was planning to make money from her story. They even had a body language expert to analyze the tape. One fat woman was interviewed about her new life’s mission to insure Anthony never profits from her murder. They all agreed that no reputable outlet would ever pay her anything for her story.

Give me a break. If HLN would devote 30+ minutes to her four minute video, they’d gladly pay Casey a million dollars for an exclusive 30 minute interview. They wouldn’t devote 30+ minutes if they thought anyone would turn flip channel in disgust. These self-righteous “journalists” are the worst kind of hypocrites.

I’m sure HLN is not alone. There is no doubt the major TV networks, countless magazines, and many book publishers would make sure she has a very merry Christmas next year if they had the chance. These bottom feeders are nearly as bad as Anthony.