I am a big fan of reality TV shows. I enjoy American Chopper, Dangerous Catch, American Pickers, Pawn Stars, and many of the others. But the makers of these shows are killing the golden goose.

“Pawns Stars” is an interesting show about a pawn shop in Las Vegas Apparently it is a hit, so now we have “Cajun Pawn Stars” and a show about a pawn shop in Detroit.

“Kitchen Impossible” and “Restaurant: Impossible” are shows about expert chefs going into failing restaurants and reviving them These shows spawned shows about turning around unprofitable bars and reviving failing beauty salons.

“Storage Wars”, “Storage Wars Texas,” and “Auction Hunters” are all are based on the exact same concept.

A few years ago there were shows about a tattoo parlor in the Vegas Palms Hotel and another show taking place in a shop somewhere else. These led to “Miami Ink,” “LA Ink,” and “NY Ink.”

The airwaves are filled with shows about “real housewives.” Now we have 4 or 5 shows about housewives in major cities.

Judge Wapner and the People’s Court gave us Judge Judy, Jude Joe Brown Divorce Court, and Judge Alex.

There are several shows about life in swamps and life in jails.

“Dangerous Catch” is a show about crab fishing in the Bering Sea. This led to shows about swordfish and lobster fishing in the Atlantic Ocean, and two shows about shrimp fishing in the Gulf of Mexico.I ’m sure I could think of others if I tried.

My point is all of these copycat shows devalue the originals. The produces should concentrate on coming up with new ideas instead of figuring out how to copy old ones.