Suffering. Today everyone is suffering if you listen to politicians. The poor are suffering because they are poor. The middle class is suffering because they are being squeezed from above and below. The rich are suffering because of uncertainty in future tax policies. The fact is there is very little suffering in America today.

Fighting. Every politician is fighting for something or another. They don’t seem to be legislating. In reality they are only fighting for more power and money for themselves.

Reaching out. To reach out to our enemies is a signal that we are willing to capitulate. Reaching out to political opponents means you are wiling to compromise on their terms.When a conservative reaches out to a liberal it usually means he will accept the liberal’s ideas if they are just a little less liberal. Thus the liberal wins.

Fairness. The term used to mean people getting what they deserve. Now it means everyone getting equal rewards. Fairness used to mean equality in opportunity. Now it means equality in outcome. Who decided this change in meaning? It wasn’t me. The word has become perverted. It should be thrown out.

Climate of hate. If you disagree with me, you’re a hater. If a white person disagrees with a black politician he’s even worse, he’s a racist.

Code words. If someone is using code words and everyone knows what the code words are and what they mean, why bother using them? While not exactly a code word, when you see f___ on TV is there anyone in the world who doesn’t know what it means? The same principle applies to the use of code words. Why not just write it out? The same principle apples to code words, if the exist at all.

Equality. This one has been around for a long time, but it seems to be making a comeback. It used to mean equal opportunity. Now it means equal outcomes.

Unconscionable. If you say something I oppose, what you say is unconscionable. John Connelly used this word the first time I heard it. It was so jarring, so difficult to hear, and so uncomfortable to say that is caught my attention immediately. Fortunately its use seems to be dying these days.

Revenue enhancement. Everyone knows this means tax hikes. Why not say tax hikes. Fewer electrons are required to send the shorter words electronically.

Fair share. Many politicians use this term, but none are willing to define it. What is a fair share? Is is 40% of your income, 50%. No one knows. When a politician mentions fair share, it means he wants more of something, usually someone’s money. Who decides what is fair? It is usually the one calling for higher taxes.