It was announced that France would close 20 of its embassies in anticipation of backlash against a cartoon of Mohammed published in a satirical magazine. A great power does not turn tail and run from savages. Yet that is what France did. France was once a great power in the world. Now it behaves like a cowardly dog in the face of Muslim extremism.

The U.S. government asked Google to remove a movie trailer said to be offensive to Muslims, and took the producer of the film into custody for questioning. Questioning about what? When did producing a film become anything that required government questioning? Unless I am uninformed, making a film is about freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is guaranteed under the Constitution. Yet this man, no matter what his intentions, was taken into custody for questioning. This was a sad day for America.

The U.K. has sanctioned Sharia law in certain cases. France has unofficially turned over Muslim enclaves to self rule rather than trying to enforce French laws. When Muslims imprison a woman for naming a toy doll Mohammed, hardly a word is spoken in protest, though she was eventually released.

Instead of a strong response to the attacks on embassies, the U.S. blames a movie trailer. When Afghan troops turn on their American trainers, killing several, America retreats by halting training. An opinion piece in the Global Times by Rong Xiaooing called for Google to restrain itself in the distribution of the “offensive” movie trailer. Restraint of free speech, voluntary or by government decree? I think not. Free speech is free speech. It’s not free speech if it is only free within limits.

When assaulted by mobs in Cairo, the U.S. embassy issued an apology. Civilized nations do not issue apologies when assaulted by savages. They retaliate. The U.S. Libyan embassy was guarded by a private security force rather than U.S. marines armed with bullets in their rifles. The U.S. government was afraid that the U.S. military would be offensive to the savages at the gate. That worked out well as the families of the dead can attest.

A Muslim terrorist shot and or murdered 42 innocents while shouting “Allah Akbar,” at Ft. Hood in Texas. After nearly two years the government issued a repot on the matter. Nowhere were the words Muslim terrorist, or anything similar mentioned. The government didn’t want to offend Muslims. Huh? The innocent victims were the ones who were offended.
What is going on here? Simply put, the West has caved to a barbarian onslaught. America was so timid about possibly offending Muslims that it sent its ambassador to an unstable and largely hostile Libya virtually unprotected. As a result he and three others were murdered by savages. The ambassador’s body was dragged through the streets. The official U.S. response was to blame a movie while ignoring its own weaknesses. CBS News and others with reporters on the ground said the demonstrations were in fact well coordinated and well planned attacks. So far the U.S. response has been more simpering.
The fact is there has never been a case in human history where appeasement and apology has not led to calls for more demands from those who were supposedly appeased. The pre-World War II example of Chamberlin trying to appease Hitler comes quickly to mind. In the mid-east today we see an almost constant war between Israel and its Muslim neighbors because in the many wars and conflicts there has never been a clear winner. Instead we have truces, brokered peace, concessions, and meaningless diplomacy. The aggressors are never satisfied and use the time won to make themselves stronger for the next assault.
When sub-humans attack innocent civilians or diplomats because of a cartoon or a movie published thousands of miles away, it is not time for apologies or retreat. It is time to show strength and conviction. But in the west political correctness and fear has trumped what were once firmly held convictions about free speech and national strength. Sadly, America and the west has chosen to whimper. It is indeed a dark day.