Have you ever gone to a new restaurant and had a dish you thought was fabulous? You might have told your friends about it and couldn’t wait to return to have it again, only to find out it wasn’t as good as you remembered. It often happens to me. The same principle applies to butt cracks.

A few weeks ago I stopped in small café, maybe 12-15 tables. It was about 14:30 and there was only one waitress working. Apparently part of her duties were to sweep and mop the floor before the dinner crowd arrived. She was very cute, very friendly, and had a typical slim Asian body. When she bent over to sweep the floor the very top of her butt crack was exposed when her shirt was pulled up. If her butt crack was a river, she exposed a tiny creek feeding into it. There was really nothing to it. Still, I somehow found the view highly erotic. I sat in the back of the café so I could best view her butt crack while she was sweeping and moping.

Today I passed the same café and saw she was working, so I stopped in, ordered a beer, and laid out my papers in anticipation of a great show to come. Well the show came. It was exactly as I remembered it, but in my mind it wasn’t at all erotic in any way. I wonder why.