I first became aware of Psy and his world-wide hit song “Gangnam Style” several weeks ago when I saw it on TV. I thought it was wrong on every level, yet I continued to watch.

The silly dance moves, Psy’s ill fitting and ridiculously styled clothes, the largely incoherent lyrics, and Psy’s grimace somehow came together to make good entertainment, though I can not say why. Maybe because it was so bad, it was good. Though there are many music vids which fit that description that I turn off immediately. There was something else.

Today I opened the Global Times and there was a large black and white picture of Psy in the middle of his dance. It brought a smile to my face. I guess that is his genius. He makes people smile.

I am 100% sure Psy will never duplicate the success of “Gangnam Style.” I hope he is able to make enough money from his song to give himself a happy life.