It has been reported that 1.3 million recent college graduates have applied to take tests for approximately 20,000 government jobs that will become available this year. Government jobs offer status, security, benefits, and opportunity for advancement. Left unsaid is the possibility of the benefits of corruption that often come with higher levels of government jobs.

The most sought after positions were in the Bureau of Statistics (BOS). A single vacancy in the BOS of Chongqing Municipality attracted 9,470 applicants.

Other government jobs include sanitation workers. The city of Harbin reports it plans to hire 457 street sweepers, truck drivers, and maintenance workers. Perhaps it is not a surprise that many college grads are applying for these jobs. In Harbin 3,378 degreed individuals have applied for the 307 jobs as truck rivers. 3,301 have applied for position of street sweepers, and 216 have applied as vehicle maintenance workers.

This has sparked controversy as many people say working in the sanitation department wastes their talent. Others say well educated street sweepers insure better city management.

A Harbin city official said street sweeping is an entry level position, and is good training for later promotions. After six months of good work a college educated street sweeper is eligible for a promotion to team leader.