U.S. army Staff Sergeant Robert Bales was accused of killing 16 Afghan civilians on March 11 of this year. He began his court martial process on Monday, November 5.

On November 5, 2009, another U.S. serviceman, Nidal Malik Hasan, opened fire on unarmed U.S. soldiers and civilians at Ft. Hood, Texas, killing thirteen and wounding some two dozen others while yelling “Allah Akbar!” More than three years after the massacre, Hasan has yet to be brought to trial while the government fights to classify the crime “workplace violence” rather than “terrorism” to avoid from having to pay the families of the victims more compensation.

Somehow Bales was brought to trial about 8 months after committing mass murders half way around the world, while the justice system dithers with Hassan who committed his crimes at a military base in Texas. Meanwhile Hasan sucks up government money for his room, board, medical care, and lawyers. The government certainly seems to have different standards dealing with a non-Muslim killing Muslims, than it has for a Muslim killing non-Muslims. Why?