One of the great regretds I’ve had in my life is that I’ve never learned to type. I always thought I ciuld learn later. W#ell, later never came.

Consequently I’ve spent my entire life typing with my left index finger. My right index finger controlled the Shift key. I wrote my7 120+ page Masater’s thesis using my lefgt index finger, and spent nearly 30 years pounding out calalogs using the lonely digit.

Last Monday the unthinkable happened. I injured my left arm, making typing with my left hand impossible. It is a temporay situatuon, and in a few days tthings will be back to normak.

In the mean time I havebto type with my untrained right indez finger. I miss my left indes finger more than a love sick YC?G misses the boyfriend who just dumped her. Please get well soon.