Yesterday I stopped in a café for a warming libation before returning home. Being a people watcher, I sat in the back of the café where I could view all of my fellow patrons as well as people walking in the parking lot and sidewalks outside through the glass front of the store. Everyone outside was hurrying around in their coats, gloves, and hats.

Then I noticed that everyone dining inside were siting in their coats too. One girl was wearing gloves as she dined. They had not removed their cold weather clothing while eating. The waitresses where bundled in coats and several layers of underclothes. They were wringing their hands from the cold. One of the waitresses touched my cheek with her icy fingers.

The front of the café had large glass double doors. They were propped open. When a waitress would open the door to the kitchen a giant blast of cold air would sweep through the café from the front to the back since the back of the kitchen was open too. It was like a wind tunnel.

I have been in the his same café during hot summer days. They keep it air conditioned and closed off from the outside. Why not do the same in the winter? I’m sure enough heat would be generated from the kitchen to warm the patrons as they dined and the employees as they worked.

As I walked home later I noticed at every business had its open doors, and at least 50% of the apartments had their windows open on this, the coldest day of the year so far.

Once someone explained that Chinese keep things well ventilated because they fear gas explosions. That may be true, especially in the old days when construction and plumbing weren’t as good as they are now. But that was then. Now is now.

Close the fucking windows. Shut the fucking doors. Keep the warm air in and the cold air out. Try to stay warm.