I’m a people watcher. I find watching people doing ordinary things endlessly fascinating. Here are a few things I saw today

A woman walked toward me. She was wearing unusually patterned stockings. When she got closer I could tell she was actually wearing two pairs of stockings. One was torn, ripped, and was full of runs. She had a good pair on over the ragged pair, and the tears and holes were visible. Is this a new fashion trend?

I saw 8 people get out of a Nissan Tiida. It’s a very small car, built to hold 5 people at the most.

There were two girls making fresh orange juice. I bought a bottle for 8 RMB (under $1.50 USD). It was great, so I bought three more to take home.


Many unusual styles of dress and pattern matching. The women like very unusual shoes in many types and styles.

I noticed a woman being dragged down the sidewalk on her boyfriend’s arm as he was walking too quickly for her. She seemed happy.

I stopped in a café. A man sat at the table next to me. He ordered a tremendous amount of food, ate a little, and asked the rest be boxed so he could take it away. When he tried to pay, the owner of the café wouldn’t let him. Who was he?

There was a loud argument between a man and woman as they walked down the sidewalk.

Many people carried large bags or boxes. What do they contain?

I saw a man with the longest neck in Shenzhen.


A woman was sitting and knitting in the park. I don’t remember seeing anyone knit before today.

I noticed very old people and very young people often stared at me. Most would smile or wave if I did so first.

A woman walked by with bouncing boobs. This is very unusual in China as most women keep them heavily cinched in canvas-like bras with 8 steel hooks in the back.

A very cute YCG (young Chinese girl) walked by. She had a giant red berry growing out of her forehead. Why didn’t she have it removed?

I noticed restaurants trading food to each other’s customers. Why?

A man carried a small furry animal in a cage. I couldn’t see that it was. Maybe it was a pet. Maybe dinner.

A small child was in the park. He had a long rat tail in the back of his head. It was several inches off center to his right.

I realize most of this stuff is trivial and uninteresting to most people, but people watching gives me more or less unlimited pleasure. I don’t know why.