March 8 is Woman’s Day in China. It is a day when women are honored. Typically men give women gifts on this day. This led to a small dilemma.

Are Flowers the perfect gift? Someone once told me they are because they have little value except as gifts. Meaning, for example, if you give your woman a pair of shoes she’s been wanting for Woman’s Day, you are actually killing two birds with one stone. You are relieving the pressure on yourself to buy the shoes in the future at the same time taking care of Woman’s Day. Flowers don’t do this. A gift of flowers is just a gift of flowers, nothing else.


I’m not sure if I agree. The shoes may be more appreciated than the useless flowers. And who says the best gifts shouldn’t have more than one purpose?

The question is far too profound for me to answer. So, right or wrong, I bought flowers instead of shoes for Chinese Woman’s Day.  I also bought her a small child.