There is a building being constructed next door to mine. The construction noise is irritating, and goes on 12-14 hours a day, 7 days a week.

When I got on the elevator this afternoon, there was a large puddle of melted ice cream in the center of its floor. Apparently a mannerless, inconsiderate Chinese kid dropped it and instead of picking it up and putting it a trash bin, left it to melt. The day started badly.

I crossed an 8 lane highway on a zebra. There was a single car coming in one direction, the other traffic was held at a traffic light a few blocks away. The inconsiderate Chinese stepped into the zebra and forced the lone car to stop instead of being polite enough to wait two seconds to let it pass.

There were street sweepers every block sweeping leaves that dropped constantly. There are plenty of trees that don’t drop leaves, but the Chinese are too stupid to plant them. Government planning at its finest.

I saw old ladies going through trash bins looking for plastic bottles. How much can a plastic bottle be worth? Don’t these people have any sense of dignity? Shame?

I was harassed by many people trying to press fliers for real estate or restaurants into my hands.

A group of 5 boys passed by flipping playing cards into the air. The left a filthy trail of littered cards behind them.

I dodged piss, shit, dropped food, and puke as I walked. The air was bad. There were several areas in the park where I smelled urine.

I was amazed at what passes for fashion in China, especially Chinese women who seem to think a combination of leopard skin prints, plaids, stripes, and polka dots all at once is attractive. They also like to wear very high heels or platforms that cause them to wobble like a drunk when they walk.

I had to wade through knots of disgusting old men blocking the sidewalk as they sat playing cards and spitting sunflower seed hulls.

Car alarms seemed to blare constantly. The dopey Chinese seem to be unable to master the art of locking and unlocking their cars without setting them off.

A man was walking to my right. Suddenly he cut left right in front of me. Our feet tangled and I nearly fell down. He could have crossed behind me with no problems, but the thought didn’t occur to the inconsiderate turd.

Someone must have told the girl on the right that orange goes well with red, and the other one that leopard skin prints go with everything.I stopped in a café for a beer. It was very busy and there was only one table available. I decided I would order a small snack to justify tying up the table. They had a picture menu and I pointed to a dish of scrambled eggs stir fried with sweet green and red peppers along with onions. When the dish came out there were no peppers. I looked around, and other plates had peppers, so they weren’t out. My dish was flat tasting without the peppers. I didn’t eat it. Why didn’t someone notice it was not prepared correctly and fix it? Idiots.

My beer was cool, but not cold. The moronic Chinese have not mastered the art of restocking warm beers into the back of the cooler while pushing the cold to the front.

It seemed like everyone was screaming into their phones in the restaurant. The din gave me a headache.

My bill was 26 RMB. I didn’t get a discount, nor did I get a sweet or a few peanuts. Aren’t they aware of who I am?

On the way home I passed an old man who stared at me. I smiled and nodded at him. He continued to stare like a mindless owl as we passed. He never smiled back. I hope he strained his neck.

I bought a small bag of tangerines. I ate one at home. They weren’t sweet.

My day ended with thoughts of moving to Thailand or Cambodia dancing in my head.