Tuesday, April 23, 2013, will go down in my memory as one the best, and most lucky, days of my life.

First of all I began my journey back to China from America. I’ve spent that last 4 weeks in Flat Rock, North Carolina, and believe me, going back to Shenzhen from the bucolic countryside was eagerly anticipated.

I changed planes in Chicago, and that’s where my luck turned from good to exceptional. Checking my email, I got a message from Terry Hasshold of England. He informed me, “Your Email has won (£1,373,420 pounds) in our British Promotion.contact us for details via: lottery_britishnational@ymail.com Sir Edmond Newton.”

Imagine the smile on my face when reading this news. This comes to more than 2 million USD. Visions of Ferrarris began dancing in my head.

But that was only the beginning of my good fortune. Reading on down the list of emails, I came across one from Mrs.Mona-Saeedi who said, “Please forgive me if I intrude your privacy, we do not know each other but it does not matter. what matters is transperency between us in this deal. I am Mrs.Mona-Saeedi, a Muslim woman. I have sent you this message for an inheri tance/business deal. please contact me on my personal email for more details: mrs.mona_saeedi274@outlook.com.”

Quickly putting 2 and 2 together, I thought I might use some of my lottery prize money to invest with Mrs.Mona-Saeedi, thus increasing my newfound wealth.

Unfortunately my flight was called before I could respond to these messages, so I had to wait until I arrived in Shenzhen to reply. Believe me, the long flight seemed even longer than it actually was due to my anticipation and excitement.

During the flight I wondered if I should find new friends in China, as the current circle is not in the same economic class I am in now. Quite frankly, some of them are embarrassments. Maybe an upgrade in my social status would be in order. Should I abandon La Casa in favor of the Four Seasons’ clubs and lounges? Where can I find a good tailor? What is swankiest address in Shenzhen? I don’t drive, so how much to hire a chauffeur?

I tried to take a nap while pondering these and other questions on the 16 hour flight, but was too excited to sleep.

Finally the plane arrived in Hong Kong. After purchasing a box of expensive Cuban cigars at the Duty Free store, I made my way to to Shenzhen, arriving about 21:00. I quickly fired up the computer and sent messages to both Terry Hasshold and Mrs.Mona-Saeedi. I am anxiously awaiting their replies as I look forward to the new life I will soon be living. I doubt I’ll be able to sleep tonight.