Shenzhen‘s best street sweeper works about three blocks on Jingtian Road. I’ve seen him for six years. I don’t know his name, but we pass each other several times a week. We always smile and nod.
Why do I consider him Shenzhen’s best street sweeper? Because he works hard, and is always smiling. His broom strokes are fast and broad.

I’ve never seen him stop sweeping to talk to someone. He even sweeps while he smokes. No cigarette breaks.

One day we had a downpour. He put on his umbrella hat and continued sweeping during the storm. He was completely soaked in seconds. In addition to sweeping, he cleared debris from the sewer tops so the water could run off the sidewalks and streets.

I’ve often wondered why he has not received a promotion of some kind. Maybe he’s happy as things are.