I enjoy an occasional cigar. I usually smoke one or two a week. The best time to light up is early in the morning while it’s still dark and the air is cool. A cigar goes well with a hot cup of freshly made black coffee. Since cigars smell up the place I rarely smoke them indoors now. I usually go to the park or an outdoor café.

Over the years I’ve tried literally hundreds of different cigars. I’ve smoked $30. Cubans. I’ve smoked $0.02 Laotians that were grossly over priced. I’ve smoked everything in between.

At some point I discovered I enjoy a Punch brand Rothschild with Maduro filler and Maduro wrapper most of all. Since Cubans are illegal in America the Punch cigars sold there are made in Honduras.


In my opinion Cuban cigars are not as good as others made in the Caribbean. My theory is when Cuban cigars were banned in America, the best growers and makers moved from Cuba to places with similar climate and soil. Now they make the best cigars in the world.

Punch Rothschilds Maduro/Maduro are not expensive. That is another reason I like them.

I brought an unopened box with me when I returned to China a few months ago. Now they are gone except for one. I am debating when and where to enjoy it.