Today Sea and I went out together. She was going to the market, I was going to the park. After six blocks we parted ways.

I noticed my shirt was wet from sweat and I had used a half pack of tissues wiping perspiration from my face. She didn’t have a drop of sweat anywhere.

As I continued my walk I noticed no Chinese were sweating, even those who were walking much faster than me.

I’m sure Chinese know how to sweat. I’ve seen shirtless construction workers with the sun gleaming off their sweaty hard bodies. But today with the temperature at 34 and the humidity at 95, no one seemed to sweat.

When I returned home even my shorts were wet from perspiration. Sea was chopping veggies in the kitchen. The air conditioner was off. Still, no sweat.

Apparently the Chinese have a higher tolerance to hot weather. This seems like an advantage to me.

I don’t like it. If any people have an advantage, it should be white people. Do you agree?