Have you ever gotten a song in your head that kept playing over over again, even if it’s a shitty song? I think most of us have experienced that. Today I had a similar experience. I kept thinking about Vietnamese Lynh. Here is the story.

One afternoon there was a heavy tropical downpour in Saigon. The drainage system was overwhelmed. The sewers and drains were overflowing. The sidewalks and roads were flooded in many places.

I was trying to get to my guest house, but a flood in the street blocked me. I was wearing sandals and had a few open blisters on my feet. I didn’t want to walk through the putrid water.

Suddenly a girl came to my side. I’d seen her before and possibly even spoken to her, though I didn’t feel I really knew her. She offered to lead me through some back alleys to get around the flood. I was a little hesitant, but accepted her offer. She got me to where I wanted to be. She was very tall, thin, and had an exceptionally cute face. Her name was Lynh.

A few days later I was having a bowl of pho at a sidewalk restaurant. She walked by and I asked her to join me for lunch. She accepted the invitation. I bought her a bowl of pho and a bottle of water.

After lunch we took a walk together. She went into a music store and began looking at CDs. Since she was carrying two empty shopping bags I was afraid she might be up to shenanigans, so I left her there.

A couple of hours later our paths crossed again. She seemed to be drunk or high by this time.

She latched onto me and followed me, often grabbing my hand or arm as we walked. I offered to pay for a cyclo or a taxi to take her home. She refused.

We stopped in a deserted cafe and sat at the back table. She played with my dick under the table. The only one in  the café was the manager. He was sitting at a table across from us and clearly saw what was going on. At some point he slammed his ash tray on the table. It didn’t slow her down a bit.

I ordered a beer, she wanted one too, but I refused to buy one for her. I gave her a slug from my bottle. She drank it in a very unusual way. She didn’t let the bottle touch her lips. She basically poured it into her mouth without touching anything.

I decided to get her a room where I could fuck her and she could sleep off whatever what was going on with her.

In Vietnam you have to leave your ID at the front desk when you check into a hotel or guest house. She didn’t seem to have ID. My passport was at the guest house where I was staying, so neither of us had ID.

First I took her to a four star hotel, hoping my platinum credit card would be enough ID. Didn’t work. Next I took her a $3.00/night guest house where I’d gone to smoke marijuana on a few occasions, so they knew me a little. Another no. I didn’t know what to do.

I considered asking Chanh, the manager of my guest house, if he’d allow me to put her up in my room for a short time, but decided I didn’t want to put him in an awkward situation. Plus I was concerned that my girlfriend might walk in while I was fucking her.

Typically my Vietnamese girlfriend and I would rendezvous at the Natural Café around 16:00-17:00 to plan our evening. It was close to that time. I couldn’t see any options other than going there.

I went to Natural Café with Lynh attached to me. My girlfriend, Thanh, was already there. Thanh was a tiny girl, but very fierce and possessive. Twice she confronted women much larger than herself who she thought were hitting on me. She won each time. I restrained Thanh and explained Lynh was drunk. She backed off.

With Thanh around, Lynh retreated to the alley that ran beside the café. The last time I saw Lynh she was puking in that alley. I never saw her again.