One afternoon in Saigon I stopped for lunch at an out door café. A few minutes after I arrived a girl sat down at the table beside me. We chatted a bit.

It seems she had just ridden her motorbike from some shithole city in the Mekong Delta to Saigon. She was tired, dirty, hot, and quite attractive. She was pissed that she couldn’t check into her room for another 3-4 hours.

Always the gentleman, I said she could cool off and take a quick shower in my room. She accepted the offer.

My guest house was only 3 blocks away from where we were. We walked there in just a few minutes.

Once inside she stripped completely naked in front of me. I got 30-45 seconds of full frontal nudity as we spoke a few words before she entered the shower. She was completely uninhibited, and didn’t even try to cover herself with her hands. I assumed she came to Saigon to be a prostitute, but who knows?

In many ways Saigon is like a small town. Someone saw us walking together and reported it to my girlfriend, Thanh. Before Mekong Girl got out of the shower Thanh had entered the room.

I explained to Thanh that everything was innocent. I was being a good Samaritan. We weren’t in the shower together, blah, blah, blah. She accepted my story. We laid down on the bed sideways with our feet on the floor.

When Mekong Girl exited the shower she was wrapped in a towel. She laid down on the bed with us. She and Thanh began jabbering away in Vietnamese. They seemed to hit it off.

Thanh was on my right, Mekong Girl was on my left. I ran my hand up Mekong Girl’s leg under her towel and played with her pussy. She didn’t seem to mind, in fact she seemed to enjoy it.

The next thing I knew, Thanh had unbuttoned my shorts and was blowing me. I panicked.

I’d never been in a threesome before. Was I supposed to fuck both of them? Would there be girl on girl action? Who was to initiate what? Was there an established etiquette in such a situation?

These questions went unanswered. The electricity went off, a not uncommon event in Saigon. My room didn’t have a window so it was dark as a cave. Plus with no air conditioning the temperature seemed to rise to 35 almost immediately.

I opened the door so we could get some light from the emergency hallway lighting. We all got ourselves together and went to the street.

After that day I ran into Mekong Girl several times. Unfortunately she never needed a shower.