I recently bought a new laptop. It is a mid-range HP with Windows 8. It’s now four months later and I still haven’t mastered the Windows 8 operating system.

If have more than one window open, it will suddenly switch from the window I’m using to another window that I’m not using. I have to manually  switch back. Extremely annoying.

It has a crappy word processing program with poor spell check, no word count, and a few other annoyances. I think Microsoft wants to sell its Office Suite which supposedly has an excellent word processor. I partially overcame this problem by installing Windows Live Writer from my old computer. But it doesn’t work exactly the same in the Windows 8 environment.

It has all sorts of little messages that pop-up to tell me it went offline, should it allow a pop-up from a certain sit to be viewed, etc. I’d like to figure out how to turn them off permanently. In Vista these annoying messages had boxes you could check if you didn’t want to see them again

One especially annoying feature are little weather messages that appear in the upper right corner of the screen. At 11:25 today one came up that said I should expect rain at 12:00. It is now 12:30, and there isn’t a rain cloud to be seen. That thing has never successfully predicted rain, and it has never popped-up before an actual storm. I’d love figure out how to disable it.

I get a lot of useless messages from Norton Security that appear in the lower right corner of my screen, mostly telling me its doing its job. They make me want to uninstall Norton and take my chances with viruses and spyware.

I can’t get the Favorites bar to work correctly. When I want to open a program I can’t get it to open in a new tab. It will only open over an already open tab, making it disappear.

The F5 key (Refresh) doesn’t work correctly. It turns the keyboard backlight off and on. It doesn’t refresh. Instead I have to open View and scroll down to Refresh and manually hit it.

I feel most if not all of these complaints can be addressed by someone who understands Windows 8 better than I. But until I muddle my way to the solutions, I pine away for my old Windows Vista operating system.

The same day I bought the new p.c. I bought a Samsung Galaxy tablet. It got the 7 inch version because it will fit in my pants pocket. I don’t like carrying bags or backpacks when I’m out.

The had two versions, one was locked into Verizon Mobile service, the other one was unlocked. I bought the unlocked model, thinking I could get China Mobile when I returned to Shenzhen.

Of course that didn’t work. Sea took it the China Mobile where she was told it couldn’t be converted. Now it sits next to my new laptop where I use it to play an occasional game, read a bit of news, or check email. That isn’t why I bought it.