This morning while doing something on my p.c. I saw something from the corner of my eye. I looked around, but saw nothing. A few minutes later I saw it again. Looking again, I saw a tiny fruit fly sitting on the edge my tablet computer.

My first instinct was to swat it, but quickly had a change of heart.

Most fruit flies have a very short life span, as little as 24 hours. I enjoy making lemonade and limeade and had brought some lemons, limes, and grapes home the day before. I assumed the fruit fly on my tablet had been hatched from eggs on one of these fruits.

While there are many types of fruit flies, most  are considered nuisances, rather than pests. In other words, they don’t hurt anything.

Most live for about a day, then die of old age. During their short life span, their main function is to find another fruit fly to fuck, thus perpetuating the species.

I wondered if my fruit fly had gotten laid yet? I hadn’t seen other fruit flies in my house, though it seems likely there might be some since Sea keeps a nice plate of fruit on the kitchen table at all times in addition to what I’d purchased yesterday.

By this time my fruit fly might have been middle aged or even old. Had he been fucked? If not, I considered it cruel to send him into fruit fly eternity as a virgin. I took a breath and blew him off my tablet. I never saw him again.

Somehow, that made me feel like a very good person.