In Brevard, a small town in the Appalachian Mountains of western North Carolina, the majority of squirrels that live in and about the town are white. Most squirrels in western North Carolina are gray, and a few are brown.  Whites are rare.


Brevard attracts many tourists during the summer, mostly for the cooler weather, but viewing the white squirrels is another attraction.

My brother lives in Hendersonville, about 20 miles from Brevard. Over the years the white squirrel population has spread out, and it is not unusual to see them around Hendersonville.


A couple of weeks ago my brother had a tree removed from his yard. It turned out there was a squirrel nest in three and it contained a baby white.

Being a softie, my brother has become a mother to the white squirrel. He feeds him and plays with him daily. They have become friends. The squirrel lives outside, but as learned to come when my brother calls, much like a dog.


He sent me a few pictures. I thought they might be interesting to any squirrel aficionados on SzS.

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