I got this message on Facebook today. It blew me away.

Charles or Chuck as we called you in Nam, I found your last name on the back of a photo and that is how I made contact with you. I was always curious as to what became of you. I had shrapnel in my lower back and legs and I spent about three weeks in the rear before I boarded a helicopter back to Siberia (Siberia was what we called the obscure fire base on the Cambodian border where we were stationed, my emphasis). I don’t know if you remember Kaz, he and I were both from Toledo, Ohio. Kaz reuped for a year and left us on Siberia. He wanted to be a door gunner. He was a door gunner and of course he was shot down and received some wounds. Happy to say he did alright and made it out with no further problems. He eventually came back to Toledo and was a successful business owner. I joined the Toledo Police Department and retired in Jan.2003. I will talk with you later.

Part II. Just received.

While I was in the rear I became close to a couple of local girls and they would write me letters and send them out to Siberia. I have no idea what became of them. Where did you go after we got to Chu Lai that day. You were hit pretty good. Me and I think his name was Wetzel or Wenzel carried you over to the pad. I almost passed out after that. You never said a word waiting for the dustoff or while we were en route to Chu Lai.I didn’t think you were going to die but I wasn’t sure of that. So what is the rest of the story?

Part III. Me in 1970. Haven’t changed a bit.


Part IV. Beer and soda day. Every week or two a helicopter would drop off a few cans of beer and soda. Unfortunately it never also dropped off ice too. So we were treated to 100 degree drinks. I preferred beer, because the sweetness of a100 degree soda left me thirsty. The picture below is of my friend Frank and I enjoying the special treat inside our bunker.