Being Released Tomorrow


After spending nearly six months in hospitals in China and the U.S., I am getting out tomorrow. I had arsenic poisoning and lost the use of my legs as a result. The poisoning was never diagnosed in China. It was discovered when I arrived in the U.S. and was found  in my urine.

By then my legs were dead. I couldn’t move them an inch. When the neurologist hooked them up to electricity, there was absolutely no response. The only thing my legs were good for was transmitting neuropathic pain to my brain. They were quite efficient at that.

When I arrived in the U.S. the damage from the arsenic was spreading upward from my legs and into my body. My lungs and the areas around my heart were filling up with fluid. It was difficult to breathe. As soon as I arrived in the U.S. the fluid problem was addressed. And I was given certain drugs combined with 8-10 cups of water daily that was supposed to help flush out the arsenic.

As I understand it, arsenic likes to hide in fatty tissue, and the brain is composed of something similar to fat. Naturally, I ended up with mild brain damage too.

After a couple of weeks things were stabilized, and I began physical therapy. At first I couldn’t move my legs at all, then gradually feeling and the muscles began to return and the electric shock pain began to subside. My regimen included nearly three hours of exercise daily.

Well, everything worked. Now I can use my legs to actually walk a few steps unaided by a cane or a walker. The hospital administrators decided I was capable of living alone, and while I still can’t drive, I agree with them. Tomorrow I will be released.

Shit. Got a Recall Notice

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About 6 months ago I dropped my Nikon Coolpix, breaking it. I got estimates from a couple of camera places and both gave me the same story. It would cost $80.+ to have it fixed. The amount of time it would it would take to make the repairs was unpredictable.

Having already dithered away 6 months without a camera, I decided not to wait any longer so I bought a new Olympus. Like my Nikon, it was a simple point and shoot model. My main reasons for buying it were it fit easily into my pants pocket, it wasn’t complicated to use, and the price was right. It also got 4.5 stars in the Amazon reviews.

Unlike every camera I have every purchased in the past, this one did not come with a memory card. card. The maker recommended an 8 gb card. Wanting lots of memory, I sprung for the Transcend 16 GB Class 10 SDHC Flash Memory Card. It cost $24.79 at Amazon

So I got my camera and my memory card. I charged it up and took a few dozed pics, just to see if I could figure it out. I could, and the pictures came out. That is when the recall notice came. My Transcend 16 GB Class q0 SDHC Flash Memory Card was recalled.

Glancing at the recall instructions, they said I would have to send the card back to Transcend. My first instinct was to forget the recall. My camera was brand new and I didn’t want to be without it. Also, the recall notice made it sound like only some cards might be bad. It did not sound like all cards were defective. For a test I took more than 100 pictures while sitting at my desk. The pictures came out perfectly and I was able to down load them into my laptop without a hitch. Everything worked perfectly. Keeping my card seemed like it might be the way to go.

Another possibility was to buy a second Transcend card, but from the bottom of the line. I believe they sell a 4 gb for about $8.79, and could be in my hands in 3 days. I could use it until my re-called card was replaced and back in my hands.

I realize 100+ pictures taken and processed successfully does not constitute a fool-proof test, but it’s good enough for me. I decided to keep the card. Life is so difficult.

Another Genius Chimes In

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It was reported this morning that Senator Kerry proclaimed the Arctic would be free of ice in 5 or 10 years. I am tired of the self proclaimed experts predicting the end of the world, or something close.

Climate Expert, Thinking

I would have some faith in these predictions and computer models on which they are based if they could prove themselves in some way. Maybe some computer genius at NOAA could write a program that would predict the stock market next week. If that could be done, I’d take their end of the world scenarios more seriously.

Now we have Al Gore junior, John Kerry, getting on the we are all doomed bandwagon. That is, unless we tax ourselves into the stone age.

The climate always changes. Live with it.

Why Do People Embrace End-of-the-World Senarios?

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Since the beginning of time end-of-the-world beliefs have been kicking around. Most were based on apocalyptic religious beliefs aimed at getting people to embrace so religious sect or another. Others are based on scientific observations and studies.

One of the reasons given for colonizing the New World in the 1600s was that Europe was over populated and was running out of everything.

In recent years we have heard the world will run out of food, water, and other necessary natural resources. We have been told a hole in the ozone layer is destined to cause everyone to go blind or contract skin cancer. Our food is unsafe to eat. Our air is unsafe to breath. Our water is full of poisons. And on and on…

Al Gore and his anti-capitalist cronies tell us we are on the verge of baking ourselves to death. 

Yesterday I read that Australian Professor Frank Fenner has predicted the human race will go extinct in the next 100 years due to over population. Not one of the articles I read about his prediction questioned the premise.

If, for example, the world can sustain 6 billion people but can not sustain 7 billion and the population rises to that level, why can’t it go back to sustaining the 6 billion after the excess 1 billion dies off.

Somehow none of these doom and gloom scenarios ever come to pass. The world continues to spin and in general, the human race seems to thrive and advance on most fronts. Humans are living longer, healthier, wealthier, and more productive lives with each passing generation.

Why do we give and credence to these world is coming to an end scenarios that are advanced by nut jobs? Is there something in the human psyche that enjoys, or even requires, this tripe?

More Dishonesty in Global Warming Reporting

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The page pictured below is from the Shenzhen Daily on December 10, 2009. 7 pictures of natural disasters are shown along with the headling “No place to live.” The only reporting was a single paragraph about the Copenhagen climate summit. There was nothing about “no place to live” in that paragraph. Nor was there anything about how global warming caused the disasters pictured. The only other commentary were short descriptive captions below the pictures.

The reporting was dishonest because it implied a connection between global warming and the disasters pictured, but failed to make the case in any way.

The top center picture shows a flood in Malaysia. The earth has always had floods. No connection to global warming is mentioned in the caption of  the picture. I have no idea why this picture appeared in the article.

The small picture at the top of the lower left column is of children playing in a polluted stream in India. How is this an effect of global warming? Did kids not play in polluted streams before global warming?

Below that is a dead fish in Brazil. Haven’t fish always died? How did global warming cause this particular fish to die? There is no explanation.

In the center is a polar bear eating a baby polar bear around Churchill, Alaska. The caption blames the cannibalism of lack of hunting area caused by global warming. Two things are wrong with this. First, the polar bear population around Churchill is out of control due to the species being on the endangered list. If there is over population it is because of a larger number of bears, not because of smaller hunting area. Second, if you Google “Polar Bear Cannibalism” you will find just as many pieces saying cannibalism is a natural part of polar bear life as those saying it is a result of  global warming.

The picture at the top of the right column is of a sand storm in Sydney. Sydney is on the edge of a desert.  There  always has been sand storms around Sydney.

The center picture is of a forest fire around Los Angeles. Did the forests not burn before global warming?

The bottom right is of smoke coming out of an industrial complex in Italy. Were there no factories before global warming?  The caption doesn’t explain.

Reporting about global warming by activist writers is disgusting and usually highly dishonest. This piece was about as bad as it gets. It combines an alarmist headline with a story that has nothing to do with the headline.  Then it adds several sensational pictures that have no relation to either.

The End Is Near

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Of course we have all heard of the coming end of the world brought on by man-made global warming. But there have been dozens of other doomsday scenarios floated around in the past few years. Some include:

The hole in the ozone layer leads to skin cancer, blindness and two-headed frogs.

Air pollution causes all sorts of health problems and leads to early deaths or careers in politics.

Over fishing is depopulating the seas, and the few fish that remain are full of mercury.

Erosion of our best farm land will make growing our food ever more difficult. And what land is not eroded away is being paved over for parking lots and suburban sprawl.

Toxic waste contaminates what land is left making much of the world’s surface unusable.

Species of plants and animals are becoming extinct at an alarming rate. If the bat-winged fruit fly can go extinct, can humans be far behind?

Microbes, germs and viruses are evolving into ever more virulent strains. The new strains laugh at our vaccines and antibiotics.

Insects and rodents are consuming our food supplies and spreading diseases. They are increasingly immune to our feeble attempts to control them.

We are running out of clean water. What water we have left is full of lead, arsenic, and 100 other cancer causing elements.

Bees are disappearing, except for killer bees, which seem to be doing quite well.

Acid rain is killing forests and all life in our fresh water supplies.

Soon all natural resources will be depleted. And unlike through the whole of history, mankind will forget how to overcome various shortages with scientific and cultural advances.

The oceans are turning acidic from the excess carbon in the air. Before long only sharks will be able to survive in the seas.

A few days ago an asteroid came out of nowhere and brushed by the earth. It is only a matter of time until one hits us.

Cancer rates are up, exercise rates are down.

The food we eat is unhealthy and is killing us. What isn’t actually poison is full of cholesterol, trans-fats, and empty calories.

Nuclear waste is so dangerous it can neither be disposed of nor stored. Soon we will all glow in the dark.


I came up with this list in 10 minutes of thinking. If someone did a serious study, I feel sure they could come up with 100 times more problems. My conclusion: It’s all b.s.

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