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I wasn’t aware of this bill, and just learned of it today on a political blog.

“Today, in 1996, President Clinton signed into law the Communications Decency Act, an attempt by the then-GOP led Congress to regulate content on the Internet. Just over a year earlier, the GOP had won control of Congress on a promise of limited government. File this away for November 3, 2010.”

Both the Republican and DeEmocrat Parties are freedom hating statist organizations.


More Censorship in China

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Best piece of laughter in months, almost choked on my coffee…

THE Internet in China was open and international companies were welcome, a Foreign Ministry spokesperson said Thursday, just two days after Google issued a statement saying it might quit China.

Spokeswoman Jiang Yu told a routine news briefing that China encouraged the development of the Internet.

“China’s Internet is open,” said Jiang. “China has tried creating a favorable environment for the Internet,” said Jiang in response to a question on Google’s possible retreat.

“China welcomes international Internet companies to conduct business within the country according to law,” she said. “China’s law prohibits cyber crimes including hacker attacks.”(Xinhua)

Meanwhile I had to post this blog using a proxy. Can’t access WordPress otherwise.


I just spoke with a friend. He told me a site dealing with MRI has been shut off (magnetic resonance imaging). What pisses both of us off is the lack out outrage by the Chinese people. They accept the censorchip without question.

Are Conservatives Delusional?

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When I read an article about some unpopular position or law the Democrats are pushing, I enjoy scrolling down to the Comments section. Inevitably there are many posts about how the Democrats have signed their own death warrants, or wait until 2010 and we’ll get congress back, or in 2012 we’ll be rid of Obama.

Others will yammer away about how the Democrats have made themselves irrelevant and obsolete and are going against the flow of history. Still others talk about taking back the Republican Party from the ground up, eventually purging the RINOs on the national level.

If your go on a Republican website like Red State and express doubts about these things your are called names, ridiculed, and sometimes your discussion is deleted. It is as if even thinking these wistful thoughts might not come to pass is heresy.

I wonder why people think this way. There is absolutely nothing to base these thoughts on beyond wishful thinking. The country is more or less evenly divided between big government statists (the statists include most Republicans) and small government conservatives.

Obamacare and other big government schemes promise something for nothing to most everyone except the evil rich. The media has abandoned its role of watchdog in favor being a cheerleader for the statists. Pro-statist positions are seldom questioned or investigated. So why will people suddenly wake up?

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