The Tea Party Movement. Hopeful Signs


In today’s news is a story about the Tea Party Movement, TPM, is starting a political action committee to funnel money and resources to candidates with whom they agree. They plan to use the funds to back conservative candidates in primaries against the establishment candidate when it is appropriate. So it seems the movement may be gaining momentum and is starting to exert a little political muscle.

The new pac intends to work with the Republican Party getting true conservatives nominated and elected. I disagree with this approach. The Republican Party is hopelessly corrupt and completely compromised. It’s time to kick it to the curb, even if it means loosing a few elections to the statists while the new party gets established. I keep thinking about the so-called Republican Revolution of 1994. Once in power, the Republicans governed as conservatives maybe 15 minutes before capitulating to the DC establishment..

Another hopeful sign has been the flat out rejection of establishment members of the Republican Party when they have tried to move in or otherwise insert themselves into the TPB. Most Tea Party members realize the Republican Party and mainly made of Dem-lites, statists, and RINOs. There are but a few true conservatives to be found anywhere in the GOP.

It has been argued that Sarah Palin’s popular appearance at the Nashville convention indicated the GOP has a foot hold in the TPM. I’m not sure that I agree. True, Palin is a Republican, but I still don’t know enough about her to be able to know if she is a true conservative, a statist, or still a work in progress. I tend to fall on the work in progress side of the argument now, but I am open to change.

A third hopeful sign is the relic media is starting to take the TPM seriously enough to do so hit pieces on it. Today there was a story linking a racist nut-job with the leadership of the Texas TPM. The story was completely untrue and based on nothing but wishful leftist thinking. Of course, calling the TPM racists, Nazis, hate mongers, and the other usual names is not a new phenomenon. It began from day one. The fact that the relic media feels the need to continue to attack, shows their previous attacks have been unsuccessful.

A fourth hopeful sign is that so far it has not descended into the bickering and pettiness that often infects political movements. It seems to be based on a few broad principles, including a smaller more limited government, strong national defense, limiting the influence of special interests, and responsible government taxing and spending. The movement rejects the hypocritical elites who like to tell everyone how to live, while livings the exact opposite way themselves.

Sarah Palin – My Opinion Is Starting to Change

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From day one I have appreciated Sarah Palin’s values, plain spoken ways, and her non-Washington style of saying and doing things.

Sure, she had rough edges and lots of gaps in her experience and knowledge. She was the governor of a very small state, not a well informed DC careerist. Beside her lack of experience, she quit her job as Alaska’s governor for a very poor reason. Later she backed the candidacy of RINO John McCain, though this was somewhat understandable.

She seems to have a sense of humor, and it’s sometimes self depreciative. This is very refreshing and quite unusual in a city full of self important blowhards.

When I compare her lack of experience to our current President, she has more than enough. In fact, the argument could be made that less is more when it comes to political experience.

She seems to have is some sort of insight into what is driving the conservative, small government side of American politics. She is one of the few politicians in the country.who can turn out large, passionate crowds.

Something I really like about her is the hatred felt for her by the relic media. The recent dust up about her having notes written on her hand is a joke. Their hero Obama rarely speaks without a teleprompter, and when he doesn’t use one the message is at best, garbled. Abraham Lincoln wrote the Gettysburg address on a piece of paper. He did not deliver it off the cuff.

I am still don’t think she has what it takes to be the next president. But I will not be surprised if my opinion changes in the next couple of years.

Republican Statists

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Unbelieveable. Today I read that both newly elected Scott Brown and Sarah Palin have endorsed RINO John McCain over J.D. Hayworth. There is a tape of erstwhile conservative Carly Fiorina paling around with decidedly unconservative women’s group where she came out for affirmative action. The statist twins in Maine seem to be solidly entrenched. Lindsay Graham isn’t running this year. John Kyle is clearly in the pocket of the internet poker lobby (LOL). I can go on…

The point is the Republicans in office or who are running for office generally are not conservatives. If they are successful in taking over the government we will have nothing more than a continuation of the Bush/Clinton/Obama years.

I Like Sara Palin, But…

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I can not get over her quitting the governorship. Yes, I know she had several good reasons. The investigations, family considerations, financial problems, living in a difficult location from which to travel and develop relationships, etc. Still…

I like her because she seems feisty and doesn’t have the need to be liked by insiders. She chooses her own path and does not follow cookie cutter advice offered by “experts.” I like the fact that she excites grass roots conservatives like no one since Reagan.

Her political beliefs seem to be strongly conservative, and are neither RINO, nor birther. She has matured politically and hasn’t made the beginner’s errors she made as VP candidate. I especially like the fact that the relic media hates her, and she has been able to go around them in getting her message out.

My misgivings come from the fact that she quit her job when the going got rough. The problems she will face as president will make her Alaska problems seem like a Bermuda’s vacation. How will she handle them?

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