Top 10 Scandals of 2009

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Today Time Magazine published their list of the top 10 scandals of 2009. Here is a link to the story.,8599,1946275,00.html

Here is my list of top 10 ten scandals which are not on the Time list. 

1. Climate research fraud. This is still unfolding. It may appear on the lists next year too.

2.Obama fills his administration with lobbyists, insiders, scofflaws, hacks, and professional politicians after promising to do the opposite.

3. Failure of the $787 billion stimulus. What has it accomplished?

4. Decline of the dollar. The shameful result of reckless spending by Washington.

5. Prosecution of the Navy SEALs for giving a most-wanted terrorist a bloody lip.

6. Conferring US constitutional rights to terrorists held at Gitmo. I am sure the terrorists wet their pants laughing about this.

7. The Nobel Peace Prize made itself irrelevant and a laughing stock. The vote to award it to Obama was taken 11 days after he was in office.

8. Government take over of the auto industry. Like Amtrak and the Post Office, GM and Chrysler can count on subsidies forever.

9. Bogus flu scare. Seems to be an annual occurrence lately.

10. Obama’s dithering almost a year on Afghanistan after campaigning that is was the “right war.”


The Universal Solution to all Problems

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I have been following what is going on in Washington for the last few weeks. I have concluded there is is a single, simple solution to all problems facing the country today. That solution is to transfer money from people and from business to the government. The transfers are in the forms of taxes, fees, fines, and bribes political contributions. Let me illustrate:

Global warming. Tax carbon, tax energy use.

Pollution. Tax pollution (carbon credit schemes). Tax and fine polluters.

Tobacco use. Tax tobacco products.

Unhealthy eating. Tax fast food and carbonated drinks.

Poverty. Tax achievers and give to the non-achievers. This includes all transfer payments, not just welfare.

Import/Export imbalances. Add duties and tariffs

Oil shortage. Tax oil and gas so less is used.

Health care. Tax everyone by forcing them to buy insurance from the government.

Poor schools. Tax homeowners and give the money to the schools.

Campaign fund shortage. If a politician needs a bribe campaign money, he can threaten in impose regulations on a certain industry or business. The bribes campaign contributions, will flow in in hopes he will call off the regulatory dogs.

Overstay your visa. Pay a fine.

Catch too many fish. Pay a fine.

Too Much profit. If a company makes more money than the government thinks it should, an excess profits tax.

Speeding. Traffic fine.

Gun control. Tax bullets.

Alcohol abuse. Sin tax.

Start a business. Pay license fees and business permits.

Not enough landfill to accommodate your community’s trash. Tipping fee.

My conclusion is if everyone and all businesses give all of their money to the government, all problems, large and small, will be solved. That seems to be the direction we are heading.

Some Thoughts on Global Warming

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For the last 20+ years I have been hearing about global warming. A few years before that I was told by scientists that the world was cooling. I don’t know what to believe, if anything.

A few days ago some emails have hit the net that clearly show certain scientists have been cooking the global warming books. That led me to a few thoughts.

First, during my entire life I have not noticed any change in the climate. The summers are hot, the winters are cold, and the autumns and springs are in between. The ocean is is exactly the same place as it’s always been, neither higher nor lower.

Second, the global warming alarmists are being funded by government money. In turn, governments are attempting to extract new taxes from the governed in response to the science being produced by the alarmists. There is an unholy  symbiotic relationship between the government and science.

Third, the governments of the world are using global warming to extend ever more control over the lives of their citizens. It is the nature of all governments to want to usurp every more power.

Fourth, I am sure the earth’s climate has changed in the past, even before man was around spewing toxic gases into the atmosphere. For example the desert middle east must have once been lush enough to produce enough vegetation to form vast pools of oil. Same with the Alaska tundra.

Fifth, Al Gore wrote an opinion piece a few days ago calling for “sustainable capitalism.” This is clearly an example of a rat realizing the global warming ship is sinking trying to find another “cause” to promote.

My conclusion is that global warming is a scam.

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