Even though the relic media in the USA has given the CRU emails showing data manipulation almost no coverage, most people are aware that something fishy was going on among the global warming cultists. The headlines in the news today were that the United Nations was going to investigate the CRU emails that show the climate change data was fudged. This sounds like a good idea. But the U.S. government and its handmaiden, the relic media, has continued to ignore the story as it plunges headlong into legislating many life altering taxes, regulations, and programs. All are aimed at stopping the emission of carbon dioxide into the air. I wonder why?

So do a few congressmen, like Issa White, for example. http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/70653-rep-issa-white-house-refusal-to-investigate-climategate-is-unconscionable

Currently there are several huge taxing, spending, and regulatory bills floating around congress that are based on the assumption that global warming is real, it is caused by man, and it can be halted. But if the “science” of global warming is based on manipulated numbers, why not take a deep breath and figure out what is indeed true and correct?

The reason seems clear to me. It is not about global warming. It is about increasing the size, scope and wealth of the government at the expense of the governed. But the governed are at their breaking point. They are largely finished with new tax and spend programs that grow every year and seem to accomplish little. And they are tired of having their lives micro managed by the nanny state, various experts, and blowhard politicians. However, if the world is going to end without the programs being pushed through congress, enough of the peasants might be convinced to get on board.

Didn’t Rahm Emanuel say “never let a good crisis go to waste?” Well, if we don’t have a good crisis, why not invent one?