The State of the Union Speech

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The United States constitution says “(The President) shall from time to time give to Congress information of the State of the Union and recommend to their Consideration such measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient.” That has turned into the State of the Union speech which is usually delivered in January or February each year.

While the subject of the speech is not specified, it usually involves statements about the condition of the country and the president’s legislative outline for the year to come. This year’s address followed that pattern.

One of the president’s most ambitious proposals was to raise the minimum wage. He pointed out that a family of four can not live with one or both parents making the minimum wage. He failed to point out that even at his proposed new level, the family of four would still be living in poverty. He ignored the question of whether or not a family earning minimum wage should even have a family, and why it is society’s responsibility to save them from the consequences of their irresponsible behavior.

I’m sure the Obama apologists would say it’s for the innocent children. Everything is for the children. But Obama ignored the generous government aid already given this mythical family, such as food stamps, housing assistance, meals for the kids at their school, fuel assistance, WIC, and a legion of other programs.

Most people work minimum wage jobs when they are young and first enter the work force. Occasionally there may be other reasons for taking a low rung position, like being laid off. Unless they are lazy or incompetent, most people quickly pass on to higher paid positions. A person may start as a fry cook at minimum wage. If he doesn’t burn the fries, he will get wage increases and maybe a promotion to hamburger maker, then cashier, then assistant manager.

Right now there is 25% unemployment among young people. Making hiring them more costly will hardly bring that number down.

The Fix-It-First program was introduced. To illustrate his point about how badly the American infrastructure is in need of attention, the president cited the figure of 70,000 bridges needing repair. Fix-It-First would supposedly address this and many similar problems.

The 2008 trillion dollar stimulus was supposed to fix the infrastructure. But only only 10% ended up going to what are called “shovel ready” jobs like repairing bridges. And instead of being a one year injection into the economy, the stimulus has been built into the budget for the last 4 years. So the government has spent 4 trillion dollars and we still have 70,000 bridges that need attention? Does anyone other than the clapping seals that are congressional Democrats think throwing even more borrowed money at the problem will solve it?

Instead of cutting spending, Obama proposed new taxes and fees. The government’s work is too vital for it to have to tighten its belt like ordinary citizens must do in tough economic times. Taxing, borrowing money, printing money and spending money will cure everything. After four years of this, unemployment is higher than it was when Obama took office while the economy is growing at about 1%.

The president mentioned ending taxpayer subsidies for drug companies. Drug companies do not get subsidies. They get a tax break for research and development costs. A subsidy is what Obama gave Solyndra. Taking away r&d tax breaks would harm the development of new pharmaceutical products, but it plays well to his mindless constituents who are economically illiterate and hate capitalism.

Obama said his health care law was slowing the rise in health care costs. I Googled “health care costs” and didn’t find a single article or report that supports this contention.

Obama gave himself pats on the back for immigration reform, housing reform, gun control, and and he laid out a veritable grab bag of statist ideas, all of which would be made possible under his superb leadership at no cost to the taxpayers.

The most disturbing aspect of the speech was Obama’s vision of himself. One commentator noted he used the word ”I” 56 times. Clearly he thinks he has all answers to all problems. Obama has mentioned several times that if congress doesn’t give him what he wants, he’ll go around it. Besides being unconstitutional this is an indication of megalomania.

Obama painted a bleak vision of society and the future unless his plans are implemented. Under his guidance he promised the emergence of paradise. But in his utopia the individual suffers. In Obamaland the individual must be stripped of his individualism. A person’s loyalty must be to the state, not family, not self, or church.

Utopianism is irrational. It ignores human nature and human history. With utopianists like Obama the past is ignored. Instead everything starts today with a new program, a new prediction and new promises. Obama talks of little more substantial than hope.

The mastermind is ruled by delusional visions of his greatness. His own ambition is substituted for those of the masses. His governance is crafted from his own fantasies. In the short term some may benefit, but over time society corrodes.

There is a website called where proposed new regulations are posted for public comment. In the next three days 150 regulations are planned to be enacted. In the next 30 days there are 724. 1046 are scheduled for the next three months. Each of these rules takes away freedom and individualism. It is part of the process of subjugation.

Obama instinctively knows if he is seen as infallible, people will be willing to follow him. He drones on about the mythical future, not reality. He talks of little more substantial than hope and change. He wants more taxes, and regulations. Less individualism. If he gets his way paradise will arrive. To get there he must strip the individual of uniqueness. So Obama assigns each citizen a group identity based on race, gender, religion, or income.

He divides the people and pits them against each other so they can be more easily manipulated. Obama has given us the “War on Women,” the evil rich meme, and he frequently attacks corporations. This is class warfare at its finest and most destructive.

If only I am allowed to force my vision on the country, Obama thinks, everything will be good. This ignores history where time after time similar schemes have failed miserably. But Obama is sure he is wiser than those who came before him. He believes he can do things right. In the USSR, Stalin said Lenin didn’t do things right, but promised he would, and 50 million starved. Then Khrushchev said the same thing about his predecessors. In the mean time the people suffered for 70 years while waiting for the promised bright future that never came.

Obama is bent on improving the lot of the malcontent, the miscreant, and the failure, while tearing down the successful and happy by imposing crushing regulation and heavy taxation on them. Equality in outcome equates to equality in misery. The general good is defined by the state, not by the individual. This is Obama’s hope for America. In his State of the Union speech he laid out part of the plan for his top down iron fisted system.



Housing Starts at All Time Low

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There was a disturbing story in Yahoo News today. The headline was: New-home sales plunge 33 pct with tax credits gone. But that was not the disturbing part of the story.

The troubling part was buried toward the end of the piece where it was noted that the median price for a new was $200,900, and the average amount of taxes collected on the construction of a new home is about $90,000.

In other words nearly 50% of the price of a $200,000. home is not labor, not materials, but taxes. And I realize the comparing the median price for a new home to the average amount of taxes collected is not exactly apples to apples. Still the figures are startling.

The government had been offering a 6-8,000. tax credit against the purchase of a new home, but this credit expired. In light of the amount governments collect on the construction of a new residence, this tax break seems paltry indeed.

If the government wasn’t soaking everyone for nearly half the amount of the $200,000. home it would cost only $110,000.  Wouldn’t that do wonders for the housing market?

Washington-Speak Is Out of Control

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 It seems to me that the Democrats and the other statists in Washington have taken control of the language. This gives them a huge advantage in debates about policy and programs.

For example they talk about “health care” or “affordable health care” when they talk about the government taking over the fields of medicine and medical insurance in the country. Who isn’t for “health care?” What politician can possibly be against “affordable health care?” To be against these things automatically puts the persons arguing against a government run system at a huge disadvantage.

If the debate could be changed to whether or not the government should take over the medical and health insurance industries in America, it would put both sides on a more equal footing. Unfortunately this wordy description does not fit well into a newspaper headline or on a TV sound bite.

The right needs a language commission to formulate catchy, short, sound bites to go against those used by the big government types in Washington.

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of examples of the language being usurped by the statist side of things. I have thought of a few just reading the news today.

Cap and trade = a giant new tax on all energy everyone uses. Cap and trade sounds like an innocent clothing exchange program.

Affordable health care (reform) = government provided health care, ala the Post Office, IRS, Amtrak, or the DMV.

Hitler was a left wing socialist, not a conservative.

Affirmative action = government mandated racial discrimination.

Investment = spending your money, mostly to buy votes.

Revenue Enhancement = tax hikes.

Budget Cut = Smaller rate of increase than planned.

Stimulus spending = taking money from one person and giving it to another (after siphoning off 40% or more in administrative costs).

Entitlements = same as stimulus spending.

Special Interests = Someone who gives more bribes campaign contributions to the other side than to my side.

Why Does This not Surprise Me?

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From CNN:
Washington (CNN) – The Environmental Protection Agency will announce Monday that greenhouse gases pose a threat to public health and welfare, two senior administration officials told CNN.

With the gas coming out of the global warming balloon, the government needs another scare tactic to justify its huge tax on the air we breathe. The nice thing about discovering that carbon dioxide is toxic, is that the same laws, taxes and fees that were to be used to fight global warming, can now be used to fight CO2. How convenient.

I am not a scientist, but I remember reading that carbon is part of every living thing. And I am sure we breathe oxygen. But when carbon is combines with oxyogen, it becomes a toxic poison. How ironic. I am thankful the EPA discovered this fact before it is too late for humanity. I wonder why no one stubbled onto this fact before.

The Universal Solution to all Problems

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I have been following what is going on in Washington for the last few weeks. I have concluded there is is a single, simple solution to all problems facing the country today. That solution is to transfer money from people and from business to the government. The transfers are in the forms of taxes, fees, fines, and bribes political contributions. Let me illustrate:

Global warming. Tax carbon, tax energy use.

Pollution. Tax pollution (carbon credit schemes). Tax and fine polluters.

Tobacco use. Tax tobacco products.

Unhealthy eating. Tax fast food and carbonated drinks.

Poverty. Tax achievers and give to the non-achievers. This includes all transfer payments, not just welfare.

Import/Export imbalances. Add duties and tariffs

Oil shortage. Tax oil and gas so less is used.

Health care. Tax everyone by forcing them to buy insurance from the government.

Poor schools. Tax homeowners and give the money to the schools.

Campaign fund shortage. If a politician needs a bribe campaign money, he can threaten in impose regulations on a certain industry or business. The bribes campaign contributions, will flow in in hopes he will call off the regulatory dogs.

Overstay your visa. Pay a fine.

Catch too many fish. Pay a fine.

Too Much profit. If a company makes more money than the government thinks it should, an excess profits tax.

Speeding. Traffic fine.

Gun control. Tax bullets.

Alcohol abuse. Sin tax.

Start a business. Pay license fees and business permits.

Not enough landfill to accommodate your community’s trash. Tipping fee.

My conclusion is if everyone and all businesses give all of their money to the government, all problems, large and small, will be solved. That seems to be the direction we are heading.

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